Halo Security & Protection

HALO S & P: Security and Protection

Security     se·cu·ri·ty:


The state of being free from danger or threat.

Protection   pro·tec·tion:


A person or thing that prevents someone or something from suffering harm or injury.


We will be the light in the darkness for you and your Company. Like a HALO of light surrounding your property we will be the shield securing and protecting your employees and assets. 

Don't wait until after a close call or a smash and grab has hit your business to call us. Practice preventative management and 

call HALO Security & Protection today. 

Why HALO is your best choice in security and protection

HALO was built on a foundation of understanding that crime is not decreasing in the world. Law enforcement constraints with budgets, man power and resources can only respond to so many incidents at one time. As an example, Denver Police Dept. response times between 2008 and 2013 averaged from call pick-up to officer arrival increase from 11.4 minutes to 14.3 minutes for priority 0-2 calls, and priority 3-6 calls increased 

from 20.5 to 23.3 minutes. 

Priority 0-2 calls are defined as imminent danger or life-threatening emergency, and Priority 3-6 calls are defined as quality of life and public need calls. 

Criminal incidents happen in seconds not minutes. Security and Protection are an essential part of business and personal protection, now, more than ever. HALO S & P is an organization of dedicated professionals that will secure and protect you and your assets with a complete and seamless shield. No environment or situation is too hostile for HALO. From simple to complex security, HALO is the clear and smart choice for any business serious about keeping personnel and assets safe.