A Career With Halo


* Required to have a Certificate of Armed Training   qualification, 

* Former law enforcement or military police assignment

* Clean driving record with current MVR

* Current P.O.S.T. certification

* Minimum 4 years military experience related to law   enforcement 

* Ability to achieve armed status

* Ability to pass fitness exam / physical

* Previous goverment or private Body Guard experience


HALO has various levels of special training, classroom, field/building and shooting ranges, for our armed guards, with staff formerly trained by Law Enforcement, Government and U.S. Military service. We require mandatory drug screening, first aid certification every year of service, annual firearms qualification and required fitness training and standards. With firearms training we use a variety of classes such as basic NRA classes, special combat range time qualifications, S.W.A.T. training and more by NRA Instructors, Law Enforcement and Military Certified Instructors. Our prior Law Enforcement have experience working as Police Officers, Detectives, SWAT, as well as government protection agents.


  • Workplace violence awareness and response. 
  • Employee termination security
  • De-escalation skills with possible violent subjects
  • Customer service and appropriate professionalism
  • Basic firearms safety and operation
  • Basic NRA shooting
  • Tactical shooting
  • Passing a shooting range score from a qualified      instructor
  • Firearms retention ability
  • Criminal behavior studies
  • Loss prevention
  • Handcuffing techniques
  • Laws of arrest and detainment
  • Crowd control
  • Crime scene preservation
  • Report writing
  • Tactical Evasive Driving 
  • Incident response

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