Executive Protection

Halo Body Guards

Our protection officers are experts in advanced and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response. Equally important, they are specialists in secure transportation. 

Why You Need Halo Protection

For protection officers with essential tactical training and skills, sensitivity, and discretion, you can trust HALO Security & Protection, LLC.    

Training and certification of protection personnel, including advanced skills such as close protection techniques, attack recognition and avoidance, and managing threats of violence, as well as armed assignment training covering firearms skills, concealed weapons skills and deployment, light combat skills, and skills for confronting edged weapons or multiple aggressors  

Crisis Planning for kidnap, extortion, and missing person   

Rapid Response for special events, labor disputes, and natural disasters  

P.O.S.T. Certified Driving, including classroom coursework, practical exercises such as evasive lane changes and counter ambush driving, tatical maneuvers, PIT maneuvers, and motorcade driving  

Travel Security Intelligence and logistics management 

Secure Transportation of executives and business travelers   

IRS 132/Compliance

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