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Armed Security Guards

An important choice with many concerns; Another consideration is whether the armed Guard is uniformed or plain clothes with the firearm concealed. With concealed, the Guard will have a valid CCW permit (Concealed Carry Weapon.) We offer both options and we will gladly consult with you about your choices and planning. Halo Security officers go through extensive training, regardless of their backgrounds, so that all our officers operate with the same level of safety awareness and operation protocols.

Why Armed Guards?

Some examples may include:   

 •Retail security with large amounts of cash or products   

Direct threats are present  

Terminated employees’ security  

Workplace violence  

VIP/Executive/Bodyguard security  

Industrial hazards or sensitive equipment, when   sabotage or terrorist threats are a concern   

When large sums of cash are transported, high risks of   violence, or expectations of criminal activity, are at risk.   

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If you answered yes to any of the above topics , armed security may be the best option to protect and deter criminal incidents at your business.